Alphard Hybrid

New Alphard lets you travel in comfort with enhanced support performance and arrive at your destination in top form.

  • Alphard Hybrid Emblem
  • Experience Your Delightful Journey with Convenience
  • HSD & E-Four Emblem Excelent fuel economy with superb starting power and drivability (2.5 HV Type)
  • Hybrid Emblem (2.5 HV Type)
  • 17″ Alloy Wheels

Excitement and satisfaction on New Alphard utilities with new approach to your delightful journey.

  • Integrated Hybrid System Indicator. Integrated information display which supports Eco driving and indicates regenerative charging. (2.5HV Type)
  • Multi Information Display. That provide every information about your car. (2.5 HV Type)
  • Driver Control With EV Mode & Electric Parking Brake. Eco-friendly drive mode with hybrid battery energy to drive vehicle using only the electric motor. (2.5 HV Type Only)
  • A First Class Uncompromised Comfort with Luxury and Magnificent Interior Details. Executive lounge with spacious environment and flexible seating arrangements will enhance all your journey with luxurious feeling. (2.5 HV Type)
  • NEW 4 Spokes Wooden Steering Wheel with Display Button. The convenience that gives you a full controlling to all vehicle information. (All Type)


  • Vehicle Stability Control (Available for all type)
  • Omni-Directional Compatibility Body Structure (Available for all type)
  • Body Structure to Help Reduce Injury to Pedestrians (Available for all type)
  • Clearance & Back Sonars
  • Toyota Isofix Base* (73730-0W070) For baby, less than 15 months (Available for all type)
  • Toyota Mini* (73730-0W070) For baby, less than 15 months (Available for all type)

*Aksesoris ini dijual terpisah

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